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Construction expert witness Derek Graham has been providing technical construction expert services, since 2006. He provides case preparation and management construction expert services, forensic analysis reporting and testimony for defects, delays and disruptions, and construction accidents.
He is typically called to provide reports for construction defects, damage valuations, accidents, and construction project delays, but has also testified on product defects, as well. In addition to forensic data analysis, he maintains a bench and workshop/lab where he assembles, disassemble, and documents material, equipment, and product analysis.
Graham, is a four-decade industry veteran. He has provided construction expert services for over forty-cases, testified Federally, and in several states.  His many years in the field working his way up from laborer all the way to the executive level gives him a broad aspect with which to give fair consideration from many perspectives, including designer, builder, specialty contractors, and owner.

What Makes Graham Your Best Choice for Construction Expert Services?


Derek’s four-decade career includes eleven years in the field as a mechanic, general contractor, and millwright gives him extensive expertise in materials and installation. His twenty-four years administrative experience as a project manager, Director of Operations, and Senior Scheduler enable keen and compelling insights.

Exactitude & Veracity

Getting to the heart of a complex legal matter requires tenacity and smarts. Derek prides himself on the high level of exactitude and articulation of his expert reports and testimony. Indeed, most opposing attorneys seek a settlement without even retaining an expert to try to rebut what they perceive as compelling testimony.

Integrity & Honesty

The integrity of a witness is a critical indicator of how a judge or jury may perceive an expert’s testimony. Many experts lack the educated, confident, and neutral aspects and positions that an expert is expected to evoke. Derek is both a ‘construction’ expert, and an ‘expert’ expert, on which he prides his stellar reputation.

Construction Expert Services

I am pleased to offer the following group of construction expert services to legal, design, and construction professionals, as well as homeowners, stakeholders, and ownership structures.

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