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Construction Claims Expert

I have been providing construction claims as a technical construction claims expert, since 2009, having worked on more than thirty cases. My specialization is in construction defects, damage valuations, accidents, or construction project disruption/delays.  I have also testified on product defects, as well.

My book Managing Residential Construction Projects: Strategies & Solutions, McGraw Hill, New York (2006) continues to be vital curriculum in construction management instruction at the Undergraduate and Graduate levels of education, including Columbia University, New York.

In addition to forensic data analysis, I maintain a bench and workshop/lab where I assemble, disassemble, and document material, equipment, for my expert product analysis reports.I have testified both Federally and at the state levels.

I reached executive and senior level of disciplines, beginning in 2000. My background gives me a broad aspect with which to give fair consideration from many critical, distinct perspectives – including designer, builder, specialty contractors, and owner, or stakeholders. I have found that as a construction claims expert,  having a sympathetic view is a priceless asset but never forgetting the mission. 

I have provided multi state and Federal construction claims expert reports and testimony for over forty-cases, including:

  • delay and disruption construction claims
  • construction defects
  • construction accidents
  • standard of care (architecture)
  • product defect

My BA in British Literature, from CUNY Hunter College, and especially, my studies in rhetoric and literature, are germane to my vocation as a construction claims expert facilitating my reports and testimony ways that are thotrough, consistent and compelling.

I take great pride in my construction claims work and impeccable track record as a construction expert – credits to my acumen and reputation. As a matter of policy, I don’t accept cases if I sincerely believe that I can’t be of service. In addition to construction expert services, I also provide CPM scheduling, oversight, and claim services, through RepOne.net

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